Mrs Avis

“Excellent service, I am pain free and feel like a new woman! Thank you”.

Mrs Wellbroo

“The outcome of my injection has been spectacular. I am able to use my shoulder as though there was never a problem.”.

Jai, Physio

“I came to see Suresh pre-marathon with pain in my knee. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to run. Suresh was incredibly professional and efficient in diagnosing my problem and immediately put me at ease with his expert clinical advice. I would highly recommend his service. Thank you Suresh!”.

Mr Aaron Newin

“Mr Sudula is efficient in every aspect. The service he offers is very accommodating and friendly”.

Mrs IIwellyn

“Fantastic service, second to none. One stop shop just what you need”. The injection has definitely eased my pain. Mr Sudula was kind, compassionate and understanding”.

Miss Al-Naemi

“I am a patient from Qatar who was suffering from debilitation chronic kind of both sides neck pain. I had tried many remedies, muscle relaxant, physiotherapy and dry needling to relieve my this disaster pain with no effect. After surfing through the net I come across a web page of Kent MSK Clinic that is led by Mr Suresh Sudula and then I decided to fly all the way to UK to meet him.
He did an amazing consultation, examination and ultrasound assessment. Mr Suresh provided me with a clear diagnosis and management plan for my condition. The diagnosis was chronic myofascial trigger points which have been injected by him. Few days after post injection I felt real relief and I am improving every day.
Thank you indeed Mr Suresh for your huge effort and time to make me happy and to let me function as before”.

Ms Barrett

“I went to see Suresh two weeks ago (just before running the London marathon); he instantly put my mind at ease with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, treatment and excellent advice. I can’t recommend him highly enough! I am running the marathon this Sunday – Thank you so much Suresh!”.

Mr D Parris

“I was most impressed following a recent consultation. Fast and clearly an excellent practitioner of his craft. Diagnosis confirmed within half an hour and months of worry dissipated to a large degree. I would encourage anyone with a nagging problem to get it checked out with Suresh. Great guy!”.

Mr Trevor Bell

“I would not go to anyone else if I had a problem. I walked into his clinic unable to move my arm and in agony by the end of the appointment I had gained movement back and the pain had eased. Suresh is simply the best!”.

Mrs Bell

“Speedy appointment with no waiting. Procedure was explained clearly to me and the pain has completely gone”.

Mrs Pinchen

“Friendly service. Same day appointment, I would recommend Mr Sudula to friends and family”.

Ultrasound guided PRP Injection

Ultrasound guided hip joint injection