About Us


MSK joint and soft tissue pains will affect 85% of the UK’s population at sometime in their ife. It can be a daunting task for the patients to find the right treatment at the right time hence why we established Kent Musculoskeletal Clinic.

At Kent Musculsoskeletal Clinic we have over 17 years experience in helping people to enjoy pain free lives. We offer ‘one stop’ rapid access appointments that are widely available throughout the day and into the evening. Our clinic allows patients quick and easy access to diagnostic assessments and pain relief.

We offer same day appointment (subject to availability) for an expert musculoskeletal assessment and diagnostic ultrasound scan to give you an accurate diagnosis before an appropriate treatment is carried out

Our Consultant Physiotherapist  will make you feel relaxed and take a full history of your condition and discuss the symptoms you have been experiencing. Our diagnostic ultrasound scan will provide in depth images of the effected body part and ensuring that the right area for treatment has been located. Treatment options will be discussed thoroughly by taking a holistic approach before the appropriate course of treatment is agreed.

All Interventions we carry out at the Kent MSK Clinic are performed under ultrasound guidance, which is aimed to accurately place the medicine to help alleviate joint and soft tissue pains and the symptoms.